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Our passion lies at the centre of our commitment in working together with organisations to create healthy work places, optimise human potential, successfully achieve business goals and realise their future vision.

Free Choices are a team of Psychological Health & Well Being Professionals. We recognise that, in order for relationships and businesses to prosper, a positive culture of mental health and wellbeing needs to exist, in which its leadership, management, and employees can perform at their highest level.

Free Choices Psychological Health & Wellbeing (PHeW), Professional Training, Coaching, Consultation and Mediation services provides specific strategies, which positively support businesses and people to build mentally healthy and thriving work cultures, deal with crisis, enhance productivity and gain outstanding professional performance.


Diverse Mental Health

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Professional Personal Development Training

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Psychological Health & Well-Being (PHeW)

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Professional Management Consultation

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Executive & Professional Coaching

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“Your people constitute the life blood of your industry invest and take care of them and they will take care that business flourishes”


Our Approach

From gaining a clear understanding of the large and the detailed picture, as well as, the ins and outs of people, groups, structures and organisations; Free Choices works together with individuals and businesses to create solutions and promote exceptional performance. Our multi-faceted comprehensive perspective takes into account the different factors, which impact on development and outcomes and focuses on achieving successful and healthy business growth.

Why Choose Us?

You will partner with a team who will provide on-going support and resources to enhance your business & professional personal development. A team who believes that their Integrity, high quality and open communication is the key to a strong business relationship. A team who recognises and embraces diversity, equity and inclusion as essential forces for growth and development.

Other benefits include:

  • Create and deliver genuinely tailormade solutions.
  • Will take the time to understand your needs and goals.
  • Think out of the box using a resourceful and creative approach.
  • Produce a deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting impact and change.
  • Are committed to and strive for levels of excellence.
  • Are willing to go that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Are highly skilled and experienced in their field.

Free Choices opens up a world of possibilities

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Why don't you explore our Website further to find out how we can help you. Alternatively, contact us direct for an informal chat or to book an appointment!

Let Free Choices be your first choice!

The Free Choices Professional Development Approach


"Well, we brainstormed it, we focus grouped it... and now we've thrown darts at it."

Our focus is to optimise your choices and possibilities, enabling you to think in different ways, take control of your situation, achieve goals and realise your vision.

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