Our Diverse Mental Health Services

An investment in supporting & promoting diversity and inclusion is also an investment in developing better mental health & well-being

Who Are Free Choices Diverse Mental Health?

The Free Choices Team are a group of dedicated, highly experienced Mental Health, Well-being and Inclusion Professionals. We recognise that, in order for people, relationships and businesses to thrive, a positive culture of diversity, inclusion, equity, mental health and well-being needs to exist, in which its leadership, management and employees are fully included, engaged and supported.

Our Focus

Is on supporting people’s diverse mental health needs taking into account the detrimental impact of restrictive societal structures, negative perceptions, attitudes and treatment, which contribute to the poor mental health and mental illness of women and people from diverse groups.


We Provide

A range of unique psychological health & wellbeing, Consultation, Training and Coaching Services supporting businesses to develop mentally healthier, diverse, inclusive, happier and more productive work cultures.

Our Diverse Mental Health Services

Free Choices Diverse Mental Health Services focuses on two vital areas:

To understand the factors, which lead to higher levels of poor mental health and illness in women and people from diverse groups, in comparison to others.

Develop effective strategies to meet the specific mental health and well-being needs of women and people from diverse backgrounds and businesses.

Our work contributes to significant improvements in; workplace health and culture, as well as increased productivity and performance. Our specialist psychological health & Well Being, Consultation, Training and Coaching Services enable people and businesses to:

Learn facts and develop awareness in relation to Diversity & Mental Health / Illness.
Confront myths, stigmas and stereotypes around Mental Health / Illness & Diversity.
Understand the connection between Diversity & Mental Health and what these have in Common.
Develop perspectives, which promote & support mentally healthy & diverse work cultures.
Take steps to create an effective Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) & Mental wellbeing Strategy.
Build skills in having difficult or uncomfortable conversations about Diversity & Mental health.
Develop effective ways to talk to leaders, employees, managers or other stakeholders about diversity, inclusion & Mental Health.
Develop empathic listening skills in communicating about Diversity & Mental Health and also develop constructive ways to manage conflicts.
Sensitively and empathically support people deal with issued related to discrimination, harassment and mental health issues.

Ten Key Benefits

We work with leaders, managers, individuals and organisations to develop awareness and build specific diverse mental health strategies, which support positive and productive growth in ten key ways:

  • Create positive, mentally healthy, diverse and inclusive work places.
  • Build work cultures, which utilise diverse talent and increase retention.
  • Increase performance and productivity.
  • Enhance leadership potential.
  • Improve the relationships of employees and customers.
  • Enable people to feel safe and supported in the workplace.
  • Promote engagement and increase openness.
  • Reduce sick days and increase retention of valuable employees.
  • Improve communication.
  • Effectively manage conflicts and crisis.
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