Our Ethos

"Keeping it Simple, Relevant, Meaningful & Fun"

We work to produce significant and long lasting change and growth for individuals & businesses.

The Free Choices Ethos forms an integral part of all of our internal and external business relationships. In keeping things simple, relevant, meaningful and fun we are able to optimise positive personal and business interactions and promote constructive development.



Even the most complex concepts can be formulated in clear and simple ways. Being able to understand and respond to experiences more easily & quickly saves time and energy.  It also allows for wider accessibility, minimises frustration, confusion and stress.


When things have relevance for us we are able to maintain a clearer focus. Things make sense to us and we are able to more effectively assimilate factors into our daily lives.


Recognising or creating meaning in the different aspects of our lives allows for a deeper and enduring connection. It also promotes our motivation, purpose and the directions which we choose to take.


When we are having fun we are relaxed and motivated making us more open to learning and developing. Enjoyment & happiness are good for our overall well being.


What We Stand For

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion form an essential part of our ethos and relationships. These lay at the heart of who we are and what we do. Learn more about diverse mental health.

Possessing a vision provides you with the power, motivation, direction, focus and purpose to reach your greatest goals. Our vision is to work with you in creating and realising your best possible achievements.
We hold a strong belief and value in being fundamentally led by what is ethical and moral and on what is based in the best interest of the people we engage with.
Strong Relationships
Strong relationships are essential for trusting and reliable business engagements. This is why we work to build safe, inclusive, rewarding and on-going diverse relationships with all of our clients and partners.
Our focus is on great quality, which comes from our striving for excellence and the continuous investment in reaching the highest standards.
Genuine dedication to meeting the needs of the people we work with is our priority.
Caring is a natural part of who we are and what we do, without this we sincerely believe that we are unable to value and achieve the best for ourselves and our clients.
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