The Difference Between Coaching & Counselling

The Difference Between Coaching & Counselling

The terms and fields of Coaching and Counselling are commonly confused. Coaching is somewhat different to counselling in the mediums of communication, the depth one works with clients, and the focus on individual aspirations and defined goals.


A coach will support you to clarify your coaching issue and set your specific goals in resolving your issue. He/She will work with you to develop practical techniques and clearly structured strategies, within a set time frame. You will work with your coach to develop skills, abilities and awareness, which you will utilise to achieve your goal(s).


A counsellor will be trained in a particular type of counselling, which defines his/her perspective and structures his/her way of working. From this an in-depth exploration of your experience takes place, in order to better understand your issues. Depending on the counselling perspective there may or may not be present a specific emphasis on reaching a goal or solving a problem and your counsellor will not necessarily give you answers. You will work together to develop greater awareness and clarity of your issues, find your own answers and cope better with or come to terms with difficult experiences. Your counsellor will support you to develop internal and external resources, in order to help you to deal  constructively with your experience / personal issue.


There are many similarities and skills which are used by a coach and counsellor. These relate to active listening, empathy, understanding, being non-judgement, helping you to develop greater self-awareness, offering support, helping you find your own way,  identifying  and working on aspects, which prevent you from moving forward or achieving your aims or aspirations, tapping into your inner resources and the resources around you, and developing clear, realistic ways of achieving goals or resolving difficult issues.


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