The Free Choices Professional Business Development Process

(For individuals, teams and businesses)

Free Choices works with leaders and businesses to create solutions, strategies and innovation. Our focus is to optimise your choices and possibilities, enabling you to think in different ways, take control of your situation, achieve goals and realise your vision.

Through detailed consultation our range of customised highly effective Psychological Health & Wellbeing (PHeW), Professional Personal Development Training, Coaching and Mediation services are carefully formulated to meet the specific needs and goals of your people and business.


We work with you to:

  • Build skills in your Leadership, Human resources, Management and Employee performance and service delivery
  • Identify, develop and establish a diverse, inclusive and healthy work ethos and culture
  • Pinpoint, create and utilise effective strategies, which support you to develop high performing individuals, teams and business possibilities
  • Constructively and step by step deal with personal and business challenges
  • Develop your awareness and skills to identify and overcome the internal and external obstacles, which are preventing you from getting you or your organisation to where you want to be
  • Enhance your resilience, professional personal performance and overall health and wellbeing

How We Do It

In the provision of our services we employ the relevant experience, knowledge and skills from the fields of Business Management, Psychological Health & Well-being (PHeW), Coaching, Psychology and Mediation, in order to achieve highly effective results.

A development profile will be created together with your Professional Business Development Consultant (PBDC). This will focus on a constructive and in-depth perspective on:

  • The specific ways to enhance your business performance and productivity.
  • Development of strategies to motivate and manage yourself and others.
  • Identifying and working on the internal and external factors, which get in the way of acting or moving forward.
  • How your business and organisational dynamics function related to leadership, company structure, management styles, company mission and culture and business market goals.
  • Ways to gain deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting impact and change.
  • Ways to identify, increase and utilise diversity, inclusion and talent.
  • Positively meeting personal and business challenges or conflicts.
  • Building greater awareness and informed decision making through understanding what goes on in inside (how you think and feel) and how this affects what happens on the outside (how you behave and react) and vice versa.

Professional & Business Development Consultant (PBDC)

You will meet with your Professional & Business Development Consultant (PBDC) who will discuss and formulate a unique programme together with you and the Free Choices Team.

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